A few words about the landscape architecture studio "Green Square"

Name - Sergey Kravtsov
Profession - Landscape architect
Number of diploma-122791

I have been working In thissince 2001, Has been and still designing, execution of works in the limit of garden design.

In addition to the “Green-Square" I am also the owner (with my wife Elena) landscape design company called “Estyle”, also registered this name in Israel.

The past few years, actively engaged in 3D design and visualization projects. Examples of 3D visualization can be found in the section named "designing."

"Green square" appeared recently, grew out of the previous company- “EStyle design”.
In the near future, we are planning to open a Department production for exclusive innovations elements of garden architecture and design, right now we are tightly working over this.
“We”- This is already known to you Sergey Kravtsov and my partner witch name is: Ido Kapah who was the founder of the company “Ginunim”.
In the meantime,in our gallery you can find out some works performed during  the time of the existence of “EStyle” and “Green-Square”.  Some of the works performed together with "Ginunim".


Dear guest, Thank you for your attention and for the time you spent on me! I wish you good luck and a beautiful garden!